Bike for Breath

This is the 50 mile cycling route I rode with Lan, Dennis, and Jill during the “Bike for Breath” event on July 12, 2008. The route consists of moderate rolling hills, with the only steep climb being the short jaunt up Edgewood. The official ride map indicates 1,887 ft. of climbing – not much for a 50 mile route.

Bib, Bike for Breath 2008


Mile Direction Street/Landmark
0.0 START Applied Biosystems
0.1 Right Ride through 2nd parking lot towards bike path
0.4 Straight Enter dirt path to bike path (Foster City Pedway)
2.9 Straight Stay on main bike path
4.3 Left “Y” in bike path, then pass thu gate
4.5 Left Bike path towards bridge
4.7 Left Pedestrian bridge over lagoon
4.8 Right End of pedestrian bridge
4.9 BATHROOM Island Park
5.0 Right Oracle parkway
5.1 Left Marine parkway
5.2 Right Twin Dolphin drive
6.3 Right Redwood Shores parkway
7.3 Left Old County road
8.1 Right Brittan
9.1 Left Alameda de las Pulgas
9.9 Right Edgewood road
12.8 Left Canada road
16.1 Left Woodside road
16.3 Right Whiskey Hill road
17.7 Right Sand Hill road
21.7 WATER STOP Portola Valley Fire Station
21.9 Left Alpine road
23.1 Right Arastradero road
25 Left Page Mill road
25.1 Right Arastradeo road
25.3 Right Purissima road
26.7 Left Concepcion
27.6 Straight Concepcion (Don’t turn right onto Fremont at stop sign)
28 Straight Fremont (at this point, Concepcion becomes Freemont)
28.5 Straight Hillview
29.4 Left Foothill expressway (Caution: narrow shoulder)
33.2 Right Santa Cruz avenue
33.4 Veer left Alameda de las Pulgas
38.1 Right Brewster avenue
38.2 1st Left Alameda da las Pulgas
38.9 Right St. Francis
39.7 Left Elm street
40.1 Right Howard avenue
40.6 Left Industrial road
41.6 Right Holly (crosses 101 and becomes Redwood Shores parkway)
42.2 Left Twin Dolphin drive
43.3 Left Marine parkway
43.4 Right Oracle parkway
43.5 BATHROOM Island Park
43.6 Left Pedestrian bridge over lagoon
43.7 Right End of pedestrian bridge
44.0 Right “Y” in bike path
48.3 FINISH Applied Biosystems

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