Installing MacFusion

I recently setup a new MacBook Pro for web development. While trying to mount a samba share I discovered MacFusion, an application that lets you treat various remote storage mechanisms as if they were folders on your local hard drive. MacFusion is built on top of MacFuse, which is the OSX port of the Linux based FUSE that facilitates building filesystems that run in userspace.

In my case I’m using the SSH filesystems included in MacFusion to mount a remote directory as a local folder over an SSH connection. The following steps got MacFusion to work on both my intel based MacBook Pro and my older PowerPC based G4 Powerbook.

  1. Install MacFuse.
  2. Reboot.
  3. Install MacFusion 2.x.
    • Older (1.x) versions of MacFusion are available on Google Code. Note that the older 1.x versions of MacFusion are not compatible with the more current 1.7.x versions of the underlying MacFuse platform. So if you install the current MacFuse platform, you’ll need to go here to get a 2.x version of the MacFusion GUI.
  4. Start MacFusion and configure it to connect to the desired hosts.

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